Todos Santos Plaza


The core of historic downtown Concord receives structural and fašade renovations.


Project Attributes


  • $2.1 million total cost
  • 30,096 square feet of interior
  • 250 linear feet of storefront
  • All new electrical, gas and water services
  • Completed April of 2007


Project Summary


Structural, architectural and cosmetic renovation of downtown street frontage, including moment frames and foundations, a two-story fašade renovation and restoration, wood and glass storefronts and interior tenant improvements.

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The Shops at Todos Santos Plaza

Four separate buildings under one 30,000 square foot roof had been knitted together over the past 75 years. The wood, unreinforced masonry and newer concrete structures were in need of seismic, ADA and aesthetic upgrades. Demolition revealed obvious insufficiencies in shearwalls, foundations and steel bracing. Rather than the simpler K-bracing, the project called for as much open glass store frontage as possible, so MXL installed more difficult wide-flange steel moment frames to allow for full storefront accessibility.


New storefronts and entryways to newly-defined tenant spaces meant ADA compliance challenges as well. In one case, MXL built a ramp, seat wall and sidewalk to allow for ADA compliance and to correct the deficiencies in a city sidewalk.


MXL was closely involved with the architect, engineer, utilities and city planners to meet each challenge with design and implementation solutions that avoided long delays and large cost overruns.

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