Town & Country Village


Project Attributes


Renovated arcades & walkways, 200 linear feet of new storefront, multiple tenant improvements


Completed September 2008


Total cost $2,700,000


Challenges included integrating new and reclaimed material and working with tenants open during construction


What We've Achieved


  • Improved sight lines
  • Greater tenant storefront exposure
  • ADA compliance at sidewalk entrances

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Renovation adds light, interest while maintaining classic red-tile ranch atmosphere.

Built at the mid-point of the twentieth century when the concept of shopping centers was new, Town & Country Village flourished adjacent to Stanford University, attracting locals, students and visitors. During the intervening decades the center suffered in comparison with new, more modern malls. Its long, tiled arcades built with reclaimed railroad trestle timbers provided shade and weather protection, but also kept retailers' storefronts dark and uninviting.


Part of a major seismic upgrade, MXL removed the tile roof arcades and decking in selected areas throughout the shopping center and replaced them with open heavy timber trellises with structural steel supports at the new open corners. This work also included electrical, fire suppression, paint and finishes. MXL constructed and installed over 400 feet of new and renovated 8-foot redwood roof screen with decorative tile roof.


During this project, MXL also built 12 wood, glass and steel retail storefronts and completed 8 tenant improvements.

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Town & Country Village